Welcome to Imvvy’s SaaS-based IoT Platform. This document provides users with a description of each component of the platform and helps them in creating IoT Projects.

An insight to Imvvy IoT Platform?

Imvvy presents a platform that is based on cloud IoT and provides tools in a very simple way that is required for prototyping, scaling, and managing connected products. Our goal is to democratize IoT usage, making it accessible to everyone and streamlining the development of large IoT projects.

  • Free IoT platform: Imvvy Cloud provides a free account with limited functionalities to start development. This is aimed at users who want to kick off their learning and prototyping. In this account, you can deploy your product and scale up within minutes.

  • Simple but Powerful: It only requires a couple of code lines to connect a device and start retrieving data and controlling its functionalities with our web-based console. It enables the user to connect and manage thousands of devices in a realtime and in a simple way.

  • Hardware agnostic: Wide range of devices from variant manufacturers are compatible with this platform and can be easily integrated through HTTP Rest API and MQTT Protocol.

Create your free account and learn below how to use Imvvy IoT Platform.

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