Getting started

Once you have successfully registered on Imvvy IoT platform, the platform offers registration of first 5 devices free of cost.

Create Application

You need to add an application before adding devices. Application is like making a group for devices.

  • Application identifier eg: Wifi Plug, Door Sensor, Smart Hub, etc.

  • Enter application description

Add Devices

Go to "Devices" menu tab, click on "New device" button, and fill the inputs in the form with the:-

  • Device Name

  • Device ID

  • Device Type eg. HTTP, MQTT (you want to integrate Imvvy Platform with your device with HTTP/MQTT )

  • Device Protocol (Choose your device protocol)

  • Device Application (Choose the device applications you have created earlier)

  • Device Description

  • Device AUTH key (Unique Device AUTH key generated by Imvvy IoT Platform)

Device Dashboard

Once your device is successfully registered you can check your device dashboard for registered devices.

Create your free account and learn below how to use Imvvy IoT Platform.

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